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"Translation-Dictionary.net" is the most comprehensive free online dictionary available on the web. It well exceeds regular dictioanries in terms of vocabulary coverage and it translates hundreds of thousands of words, phrases, and sentences between multiple languages. It includes translations for a wide varierty of domains such as proper names, technical terminologies, movie titles, etc. It also offers pronunciation, related terms, synonyms, spelling correction, and example sentences.

远处是漠漠的平原 a great plain in the distanc...
远处是连绵一片的草原 There is a reach of grasslan...
远处有人在呼唤我们 Somebody is calling us in th...
远处有无数盏灯像星星一样闪烁 A myriad of lights twinkled ...
远处灯光一闪 There was a flash of light i...
远处的歌声随风飘送到我们耳中 A distant song was wafted to...
远处的鼓声 a distant drum
远处雷声咕隆咕隆地响 Thunder rumbled in the dista...
远大 long-range
远大的志向 lofty ideals
远大的志向鞭策着他 The great ambition is spurri...
远大的理想 lofty ideals
远大的计划 a long-range plan
远客 a guest from afar traveller
远射程炮 long-range gun
远小人 keep away from the mean and ...
远山被云雾遮掩着 The distant hills were envel...
远山近水 the faraway mountains and ne...
远岫 a distant hill
远征 expedition
远征军 expeditionary army
远征某一国家 an expedition to a country
远志 great and far-reaching ambit...
远恶近善 keep away from the evil and ...
远战 distant fight
远房 distantly related
远房亲戚 a distant relative
远摄 dolly-out,dolly-back
远摄镜头 telephoto lens shot
远方 a remote place
远方来鸿 a letter from afar a surname
远方的来客 a guest from afar
远日点 aphelion
远日点飞越 aphelion passage
远景 distant view
远景储量 prospective reserves
远景规划 a long-range plan
远期 at a specified future date
远期交货 forward delivery
远期交货合同 cash forward contract
远期付款 payable at usance
远期信用证 usance letter of credit
远期利息 interest on arrears
远期合同 long-term forward contract
远期外汇 forward exchange
远期外汇合同 forward exchange contract
远期差额 forward margin
远期援助计划 forward aid program
远期汇兑 long exchange
远期汇率 forward rate
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