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"Translation-Dictionary.net" is the most comprehensive free online dictionary available on the web. It well exceeds regular dictioanries in terms of vocabulary coverage and it translates hundreds of thousands of words, phrases, and sentences between multiple languages. It includes translations for a wide varierty of domains such as proper names, technical terminologies, movie titles, etc. It also offers pronunciation, related terms, synonyms, spelling correction, and example sentences.

远隔重洋 be separated afar by vast oc...
远非如此 far from it
远非昔比 be a far cry from the past
违令 disobey orders
违例 breach of rules
违反 violate
违反习惯 offend against custom
违反事实 fly in the face of facts
违反交通规则 contravene the traffic regul...
违反人性的 contrary to humanity
违反信托 breach of trust
违反党的政策 run counter to the policy of...
违反决议的精神 be contrary to the spirit of...
违反刑法 commit a criminal offense
违反劳动纪律 violate labour discipline
违反协定行为 malpractice
违反历史潮流 run counter to the trend of ...
违反合同 breach of contract
违反合约 contravention to treaty
违反外事纪律 breach of discipline of deal...
违反客观规律 go against the objective law...
违反条约 transgress a treaty
违反法律 breach of law
违反社会发展规律 go against the laws of socia...
违反行车规则 driving offence
违反规则 infringe rules
违反诺言 break a promise
违反马克思主义的基本原理 contravene the basic princip...
违和 molimen
违宪 violation of the constitutio...
违宪行为 unconstitutional act
违心 against one's will
违心之论 words uttered against one's ...
违心的话 words uttered against one's ...
违抗 disobey
违抗上级 defy the higher leading body
违抗命令 disobey orders
违拗 disobey
违拗症 negativism
违法 break the law
违法乱纪 break the law and violate di...
违法分子 law-breakers
违法合同 illegal contract
违法售酒 bootlegging
违法必究 Violations of the law must b...
违法搜查 extralegal search
违法经营 illegal operation
违法者 a person who breaks the law
违法行为 illegal activities
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