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远期汇票 usance bill
远期票据 long-dated bill
远期装运 forward shipment
远来和尚好看经 Monks from afar most love to...
远水救不了近火 Distant water can't put out ...
远水解不了近渴 Distant water cannot quench ...
远洋 ocean of the open sea beyond...
远洋巨轮 a large oceangoing ship
远洋拖网渔船 distant-water trawler
远洋捕捞 long range fishing
远洋捕鱼 deep-sea fishing
远洋渔业 distant-water fishery
远洋渔场 deep-sea fishery
远洋班轮 ocean liner
远洋生物 pelagic organisms
远洋航行 oceangoing voyage
远洋船 oceangoing vessel
远洋船队 marine
远洋货轮 oceangoing freighter
远洋贸易 ocean trade
远洋运输 ocean carriage
远洋运输保险 ocean shipping insurance
远洋运输公司 ocean shipping company
远洋通信 transoceanic communication
远海国家 distant water state
远涉重洋 travel across the oceans
远游 travel faraway
远眺 look far into the distance
远祖 remote ancestor
远离 far away
远离前线 far from the frontline
远离城市的喧嚣 away from city noises clamou...
远离家乡 go far away from home
远离尘世 remote from life
远程 long-range
远程导航 long-distance navigation
远程导航设备 long-distance navigation aid...
远程战术导弹 long-range tactical missile
远程无线电导航 long range radio navigation
远程无线电导航系统 navaglobe
远程火箭 long-range rocket
远程警戒 long-range detection
远程警戒雷达 early-warning radar
远程轰炸 a long-range bombardment
远程轰炸机 long-range bomber
远程雷达 long-range radar
远紫外 far ultraviolet
远紫外光谱 far-ultraviolet spectrum
远紫外激光器 uvaser
远紫外线 far-ultraviolet
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