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进气口 air inlet
进气孔 air intake
进气活门 air inlet valve
进气点 admission
进气管 admitting pipe
进气道 air inlet
进气量 air inflow
进气阀 intake valve
进水口 blast-hole
进水塔 intake tower
进水管 water inlet
进水闸 intake work
进汽 admission
进汽口 air intake
进汽室 air chamber
进汽阀 inlet valve
进深十五米的大厅 a hall fifteen metres deep
进港停泊 make harbour
进港导航 approach navigation
进港检查站 harbour entrance post
进港航道 approach channel
进潮口 tidal inlet
进犯 intrude into
进球数 goals for
进程 course
进程偏心轮 forward eccentric
进程内共享 intra-process sharing
进程图 fate map
进程管理程序 process supervisory program
进程通信 process communication
进站 get in
进站信号 home signal
进线 coil in
进线管道 access duct
进线配电盘 incoming panel
进给 feed
进给丝杠 feed screw
进给传动 feed drive
进给控制 feed control
进给速度 feed speed
进给阀 induction valve
进而 proceed to the next step
进行 be in progress
进行一些初步测试 make some preliminary tests
进行了几次会谈 hold several talks
进行体 progressive aspect
进行侦察活动 conduct reconnaissance
进行到底 carry sth. through to the en...
进行动态分析 make dynamic analysis
进行卓有成效的努力 have made fruitful efforts
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