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恰似 exactly like
恰到好处 be just perfect
恰合时宜 in good reason
恰好 just right
恰好他们在这儿 As it happens,they are here.
恰好吻合 fit like a glove
恰好在那时 just then
恰好如此 just as it is
恰如 be just like
恰如其分 appropriate
恰如其分的评价 an apt appraisal
恰如所料 as was expected
恰巧 by chance
恰当 proper
恰当地处理各种复杂事务 deal properly with all kinds...
恰当的例子 an appropriate example
恰当的引证 an apposite quotation
恰当的结论 a fitting conclusion
恰恰 just
恰恰因为 precisely because...
恰恰在这个时刻 at that precise moment
恰恰相反 just the opposite
恳切 earnest
恳切希望 earnestly hope
恳切邀请大家出席 The public is cordially invi...
恳切陈词 make a statement earnestly
恳挚 earnest
恳求 implore
恳求体恤 implore for sympathy
恳求支持 solicit sb.'s support
恳求某人宽大 sue to sb. for leniency leni...
恳求某人帮忙 entreat a favour of sb.
恳求法官的怜悯 implore a judge for mercy
恳求银行贷款 earnestly request a loan fro...
恳请 earnestly request
恳请光临 You are earnestly requested ...
恳请莅临视察 Inspection is cordially invi...
恳谈 talk earnestly
恳谢 thank sincerely
恶习 bad habit
恶习难改 Bad habits die hard.
恶事传千里 Ill news spreads everywhere.
恶人 evil person
恶人先告状 The villain brought suit aga...
恶人告状 the villain accusing his vic...
恶人当道 The evildoers are now in pow...
恶人自有恶人磨 A wicked person will be hara...
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