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恶从胆生 A spell of wrath rose from o...
恶作剧 practical joke
恶债 odious debts
恶债不予偿还 Odious debt is not repayable...
恶兆 ill omen
恶光生物 photophobe
恶劣 odious
恶劣作风 abominable behavior
恶劣天气 tempest
恶劣手段 mean tricks
恶劣条件 mal-condition
恶劣气候 harsh climate
恶劣环境 adverse circumstances
恶劣的天气使我不能动身 Bad weather prevented me fro...
恶劣行径 disgusting conduct
恶势力 vicious power
恶化 worsen
恶化的征候 signs of a turn for the wors...
恶叉白赖 ruffians
恶口伤人 say libelous things about sb...
恶名 a bad reputation
恶名昭著 notorious
恶味 kakogeusia
恶嘴毒舌 a sharp tongue
恶因生恶果 Sin yields bitter fruits.
恶寒 aversion to cold
恶少 young ruffian
恶徒 rascal
恶心 feel like vomiting
恶心药 nauseant
恶念 evil intentions
恶性 malignant
恶性循环 vicious circle
恶性水肿 malignant edema
恶性淋巴瘤 malignant lymphoma
恶性犯罪案件 vicious crimes
恶性疟疾 pernicious malaria
恶性病变 malignant change
恶性痢疾 malignant dysentery
恶性瘤 malignant tumour
恶性肿瘤 malignant tumour
恶性贫血 Addison's inflation
恶恶从短 hate the wicked and point ou...
恶意 evil intentions
恶意中伤 malicious calumniation
恶意攻击 malicious attack
恶意歪曲地报道这条新闻 report the news mala fide
恶意行为 malicious act
恶意诽谤 spread vicious gossip
恶感 ill feeling
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