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恶战 hard fighting
恶战一场 go to fight like billy-o
恶报 retribution for evildoing
恶斗 ferocious battle
恶是善的反面 Evil is the inverse of good.
恶有恶报 Evil is rewarded with evil.
恶果 evil consequence
恶梦 nightmare
恶梦方醒 awoke from one's terrifying ...
恶棍 ruffian
恶模恶样 a ferocious appearance
恶毒 vicious
恶毒攻击 viciously attack
恶毒的心 an evil heart
恶毒的诋毁 wicked slander
恶毒的诬蔑 venomous slander
恶毒的语言 malicious remarks
恶毒透顶 is venom carried to the extr...
恶浊 foul
恶浊的空气 stagnant air
恶湿居下 A wicked and damp place stan...
恶犬 cur
恶狗 a ferocious dog
恶狠狠 fierce
恶狠狠地瞪了他一眼 give him a ferocious stare
恶疮 malignant sore
恶疾 foul disease
恶病 a malignant disease
恶病质 cachexia
恶癖 cacoёthes
恶相 evil or angry countenance
恶眉恶眼 a fierce look
恶眼相向 cast an evil eye on sb.
恶臭 stink
恶臭幻觉 kakosmia
恶臭旋复花 sinkwort
恶臭物 malodorant
恶臭物质 odorant
恶臭金盏草 fetidmarigold
恶苗病 bakanae disease
恶行 evil conduct
恶行会有恶报 Evil actions will bring retr...
恶衣恶食 poor clothing and poor food
恶言 abusive words
恶言伤人 use bad language to insult p...
恶言泼语 malicious remarks
恶言相向 fling out hard words
恶语中伤 viciously slander
恶象 rogue elephant
恶贯满盈 One's crimes are inexpiable.
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