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双反面编织 pearl knitting
双反面针织物 pearl fabric
双发动机 bimotored
双发动机飞机 twin engined airplane
双发射击 double fire
双发射极开关 dual-emitter switch
双发射极晶体管 dual-emitter transistor
双叶农用风车 T-ales-stuart windmill
双叶片 twayblade
双叶覆盖 two-sheeted covering
双号 even numbers
双号座位 even-numbered seats
双吊钩 double-hung
双同步协议 bisync protocol
双名 binomial
双名汇票 two-party draft
双名法 binomial nomenclature
双名法主义 binomialism
双向 two-way
双向二极管 bilateral diode
双向交换 two-way alternate
双向交通 two-way traffic
双向传声器 bidirectional microphone
双向传感器 bilateral transducer
双向传输 two-way transmission
双向信道 two-way channel
双向加速器 two-way accelerator
双向同步加速器 two-way synchrotron
双向天线 bilateral antenna
双向对流 bilateral flow
双向开关 a two-way switch
双向性传导 conduction in double directi...
双向拉伸机 biaxial orientation stretchi...
双向排水 double drainage
双向操作 bidirectional operation
双向无线电通信系统 two-way radio system
双向测向计 double goniometer
双向犁 hillside plough
双向电动机 reversing motor
双向电流 bidirectional current
双向电视 the two-way television
双向电话 two-way telephone
双向轨制 the dual-track pricing syste...
双向选择制度 two-way choice system
双向通信 two-way communication
双向通道 duplex channel
双向采煤 bidirectional cutting
双向飞碟射击 skeet shooting firing
双吸泵 double entry pump
商业性渔业 commercial fishery
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