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Chinese translation for "qinshui"

Example Sentences:
1.Coal - bed gas exploration in qinshui basin and its geological analysis
2.The gaussian curvature of no . 3 coal seam in qinshui basin is calculated
3.Characters of distribution and influencing factors about the reservoir pressure in qinshui coalfield
4.Study of characteristics of structure - controlled coalbed gas in southern qinshui coalfield
5.Development status and strategies of industrialization of small coarse cereals production at qinshui county
6.The higher - permeability region for cbm exploration are panzhuang - yangcheng , yangquan - shouyang and taiyuan xishan coalfield in qinshui basin
7.Taken qinshui basin as an example and based on its properties , the coal reservoir ' s permeability is predicted by multivariate regression analysis
8.The system is utilized to store and manage the basic geographical information , coal field exploration materials , coalbed methane exploration materials and regional geological survey achievement of qinshui basin interactively
9.In qinshui basin , the fresh - water peat swamp facies and forest peat swamp facies were the sedimentary environments of forming good reservoirs , but the drained peat swamp fecies was difficult to form good reservoirs in general
10.The authors research on the middle - south of qinshui basin , analyze the numerical connection of permeability and its influencing factor and construct compound factor model by mathematics geology method
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