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Chinese translation for "qinshan"


Related Translations:
qinshan dao:  秦山岛
qinshan nuclear power plant:  秦山核电站
Example Sentences:
1.The structural integrity test of containment for qinshan nuclear power plant
2.Analysis on the health status of the surrounding residents of qinshan nuclear power base and the environmental radioactivity level around it
3.The qinshan nuclear power plant , the first of its kind in china , is of great significance for the development of china ' s nuclear power industry
4.Sepw has provided high quality products for haikou power plant , qinshan nuclear power plant , gezhouba project , yingxia railway and nankun railway project
5.Closer to you , we have also supplied equipments and transferred technology which has been put into use by chinese engineers to build nuclear power reactors in qinshan
6.In order to improve the safety arid reliability of nuclear power plant operation , many tech - modifications related to system or equipment have been completed since operation in qinshan npp
7.Qinshan nuclear power station , shanghai sseco ethylene , shanghai international exhibition center and many other national critical engineering projects , got the owner s high praise and their favor
8.The influence of somewhat lower vacuum of unit no . 1 in qinshan nuclear power station upon economic behavior , as well as causes leading lower vacuum and treatment measures taken in temporary repair have been presented
9.The qinshan power station environment supervisor system for the nuclear radiation dosage is an intelligent continual online supervisor system . it is equipped with high alert automated device with rs131 , which makes it getting stronger functions and higher abilities
10.Test investigation on sgtr of single tube break and three - tube break is carried out on hpitf of ciae to deeply understand the thermal - hydraulic behavior during pressurized - water - reactor ( pwr ) sgtr and to provide an integral data base for code assessment and development . the facility , a full height and 1 / 1000 - scale ( by volume ) of qinshan nuclear power plant , incorporates two identical loops with active pumps and steam generators ( sg ) . the initial steady state of the test basically simulated that of the reference plant operation
为了深入了解核电厂蒸汽发生器传热管破裂事故发生后的热工水力现象,以及对压水堆( pwr )核电厂系统分析程序进行分析和评价,在高压综合试验装置上开展了蒸汽发生器传热管破裂试验研究高压综合试验装置以秦山核电厂主回路系统为模拟对象,该装置为双环回路系统,容积比为1 : 1000 ,高度比为1 : 1 。
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