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顿挫 pause and transition in rhyt...
顿挫型 forme fruste
顿挫型感染 abortive infection
顿挫抑扬 rising and falling of tones
顿挫抑扬是形容朗读时声音的高低曲折和和谐的的节奏 Cadence means the rise and f...
顿挫疗法 ectrosis
顿改前非 suddenly to reform oneself
顿时 immediately
顿时错乱 instant insanity
顿服剂 Haust.
顿河 the Don River
顿然大悟 suddenly to wake up
顿然悔悟 suddenly realize one's error...
顿琦 Dun Qi
顿生一股无明火 in a moment of anger
顿生疑窦 suddenly feel suspicious
顿笔 make a pause for breath in w...
顿脚 stamp one's foot arrange
顿起歹念 turn ungrateful suddenly
顿起盗心 make sb. wild for a game of ...
顿足 stamp one's feet
顿足不前 come to a standstill
顿足号哭 cry stamping one's feet
顿足捶胸 stamp one's feet and beat on...
顿踬无靠 stumble by the way without s...
顿达凯 doundaké
顿钻 percussion drilling
顿钻机 percussion drilling rig
顿钻钻头 chopping bit
顿首 make a ceremonious nod
颀长 tall
颁发 issue
颁发嘉奖令 issue an order of commendati...
颁发奖章 award a medal
颁发奖金 bestow a prize
颁发宪法 promulgate a constitution
颁发文凭 issue a diploma
颁发法令 issue a decree award
颁发证书 award a certificate
颁奖大会 award-giving meeting
颁布 promulgate
颁布军令 issue a military order
颁布法令 promulgate a decree
颁行 issue for enforcement
颂古诽今 praise the past to condemn t...
颂古非今 eulogize the past at the exp...
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