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结晶形断口 crystalline fracture
结晶断面 crystalline fracture
结晶机制 crystallization mechanism
结晶机理 crystallization mechanism
结晶核 nuclei of crystallization
结晶槽 crystallization tank
结晶水 water of crystallization
结晶温度 crystallization temperature
结晶玻璃 glass ceramics
结晶盘 crystallizer pan
结晶窑 crystallization kilns
结晶结构 crystal structure
结晶胰岛素 crystalline insulin
结晶速度 crystallization rate
结晶釉 crystal glaze
结束 finish
结束工作 power cut-off
结束战争状态 terminate the state of war
结束符号 terminating symbol
结束讲话 wind up a speech
结束语 conclusion
结构 structure
结构严密 vertebration
结构严谨 of a tightly knit structure
结构主义 structuralism
结构分析 structural analysis
结构力学 structural mechanics
结构加固 structural strengthening
结构动力学 structural dynamics
结构化学 structural chemistry
结构可靠性 structural reliability
结构图 structure drawing
结构工资制 structural wage system
结构异构 structural isomerism
结构式 constitutional formula
结构性失业 structural unemployment
结构性就业 structural employment
结构性通货膨胀 structural inflation
结构性通货膨胀论 theory of structural inflati...
结构材料 material of construction
结构检索 structural retrieval
结构模型 structural model
结构流程图 structure flow chart
结构牢固 be a very solid construction...
结构空间 structure space
结构要素 structural element
结构设计 physical design
结构语法 structural grammar
结构语言学 structural linguistics
自出机杼 strike out a new path for on...
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