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种子队 seed team
种完树不久就下了一场雨 It rained soon after we had ...
种实脱粒 extracting seeds from cone
种嵩 Chong Hao
种庄稼 till the land
种庄稼不除草不是见鬼么 Isn't it absurd to plant cro...
种庄稼他可不外行 He's no amateur in farming.
种族 race
种族主义 racism
种族主义者 racist
种族偏见 racial prejudice
种族分化 raciation
种族同化 assimilation
种族平等 racial equality
种族改良 eugenics
种族歧视 racial discrimination
种族灭绝 genocide
种族灭绝政策 policy of genocide
种族特征 racial traits
种族退化 cacogenesis
种族通婚 miscegenation
种族隔离 racial segregation
种族隔离法 the ghetto act
种植 plant
种植业 farm production
种植园 plantation
种植园主 plantation owner
种植期 planting season
种植机具 sowing and planting machiner...
种植犁 deep plough
种植计划 planting scheme
种植面积 cultivated area
种烟 cultivate tobacco tobacco
种牛 bull kept for covering
种牛痘 give or get smallpox vaccina...
种田 till the land
种畜 breeding stock
种畜畜牧场 stud
种痘 smallpox vaccination
种痘针 vaccinostyle
种痘预防天花 be vaccinated against smallp...
种皮 testa
种皮裂缝 germinal slit
种种 all sorts of
种类 kind
种类繁多 a great variety
种系 phylad
种系发生 phylogeny
种系型 phylotype
结晶度 crystallinity
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