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"Translation-Dictionary.net" is the most comprehensive free online dictionary available on the web. It well exceeds regular dictioanries in terms of vocabulary coverage and it translates hundreds of thousands of words, phrases, and sentences between multiple languages. It includes translations for a wide varierty of domains such as proper names, technical terminologies, movie titles, etc. It also offers pronunciation, related terms, synonyms, spelling correction, and example sentences.

元夜 the night of the 15th of the...
元宝 shoe-shaped gold ingot
元宝枫 acer truncatum
元宝车 depressed centorcar
元宵 the night of the 15th of the...
元宵灯会 Lantern Festival sweet dumpl...
元宵节 the Lantern Festival
元帅 marshal
元年 the first year of an era
元恶 chief criminal
元恶大憝 chief sinister figure
元戎 supreme commander basic
元方季方 praising the two brothers bo...
元旦 New Year's Day the female ch...
元旦联欢 New Year party
元旦贺词 New Year's message
元曲 a type of verse popular in t...
元月 the first month of the year
元椠 a Yuan Dynasty block-printed...
元气 vitality
元气十足 vigorousness
元气大伤 One's constitution is greatl...
元气旺盛 be thriving
元科学 metascience
元素 element unit
元素分析 ultimate analysis
元素周期律 periodic law
元素周期表 periodic table of elements
元素符号 symbol of element
元素表 list of elements
元结 Yuan Jie
元老 senior statesman
元老院 senate
元老院议员 senator
元补贴 give a subsidy of 50 yuan to...
元谋猿人 sinanthropus Yuanmouensis
元谋直立人 Homo erectus Yuamouensis
元配 first wife
元音 vowel
元音和谐 vowel harmony
元音符号 vowel sign
元音系统 vowel system
元首 head of a state
元首府 the palace of the head of st...
元鱼 soft-shelled turtle
元麦 highland barley
元龙高卧 negligent in attending to on...
elder brother
兄友弟恭 show love and respect as goo...
兄台 you
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