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儿齿 new teeth after the falling ...
rising to a height
兀傲 supercilious
兀坐 sit upright
兀子重 Wu Zizhong
兀然不动 immovable and steadfast
兀秃 half-boiled
兀立 stand upright
兀自 still
兀自一人 a person alone
兀自呆想 be mooning by oneself
兀鹫 condor
兀鹰 buzzard
允从 comply
允当 proper
允执厥中 keep to the center
允文允武 be good both in civil and in...
允正 Yun Zheng
允许 permit
允许保释的 bailable
允许偏离范围 leeway
允许偏移量 allowable offset
允许尺寸偏差 allowable dimension variatio...
允许应力 permissible stress
允许条件 enabled condition
允许申辩 allow sb. to argue his case
允许磨蚀度 corrosion allowance
允许范围 allowed band
允许误差 allowable error
允许质量指标 acceptable quality level
允许赊欠 give credit
允许载荷 allowable load
允许进入大学试读 be admitted to college on pr...
允许进场 approach clearance
允许速度 permissible velocity
允许间隙 allowable clearance
允许频率 tolerance frequency
允诺 promise
允诺不诉诸武力 undertake not to resort to t...
允诺保释 assent to release on bail
允诺常常是靠不住的 Promise are,like piecrust,ma...
元件 element
元凶 crime culprit
元刻本 a Yuan Dynasty block-printed...
元勋 a man of great merit
元古代 Proterozoic era
元古界 Proterozoic erathem
元器件 component
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