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Chinese translation for "metastable"


Related Translations:
metastable atom:  准稳原子。metastableadj. 【化学】亚稳的,准稳的。 n. -bility ...atomn. 1.原子。 2.微粒;微量。 短语和例子 chem ...
Example Sentences:
1.In order for the preflare energy to be stored without premature release, the magnetic field configuration must be metastable .
2.Metastable zone of caffeine in water and ethanol
3.Application of metastable helium atomic beam in nanostructures fabrication
4.Design and analysis of adiabatic capillary tubes with metastable influence considered
5.The life time of the metastable n - phase state is evaluated explicitly in term of the instanton method
6.Tg and dsc measurements indicate that - mno2 is a metastable form of mno2 , upon sufficient heating , reverts to the more stable - mno2
热重( tga )和差示扫描量热( dsc )表明- mno2是介稳态的mno2 ,充分加热最终会转化成更稳定的- mno2 。
7.We find that the n - phase state can be either the degenerate ground state or metastable , even unstable state depending on experimental parameters ofbecs
我们发现依据不同的实验参数, -位相态既可能是简并基态、亚稳态,也可能是非稳定态。
8.The solid solutions all were supersaturated and metastable , and would dissolve each other with further milling , which was available for the achievement of multi - carbide composite
9.The materials with metastable structures , e . g . , nanostructure and supersaturated solid solutions , have unique physic , chemical and mechanical properties , and get extensive application in many fields
10.In this paper , metastable cu - al alloy powder with different aluminum content was prepared by mechanical alloying technique . high strength and high conductivity cu - al2c > 3 composites were prepared by a new type vacuum internal oxidation technique
本文采用机械合金化法制备了不同铝含量的亚稳态的cu - al合金粉末,采用新型真空内氧化工艺制备了不同成分的高强度高导电cu - al2o3复合材料。
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