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Chinese translation for "lactase"

Example Sentences:
1.Study of isolation and purification of lactase from aspergillus niger d
2.Study of the relationship between urticaria diarrhea and lactase
3.The influence of ca2 fe2 mg2 zn2 na and k on lactase activity in sucking piglets
4.A similar , less severe , metabolic disorder is congenital lactase deficiency
5.Many asian adults are lactose intolerant , as a result of a lack of the digestive enzyme lactase in the gut
6.The former was 0 . 475u / ml , and the later was 0 . 134u / ml . 2 . determination of the properties of lactase expressed in e . coli
7.Some premature babies have a temporary form of lactose intolerance because their bodies are not yet producing lactase
8.At present , most of lactases used in industry production come from kluyveromyces , aspergillus niger and aspergillus oryzae
9.This disorder , apparent within 10 days of birth , occurs when brush - border lactase activity ( required for the digestion of lactose ) in the small intestine is low or absent at birth and is characterized by diarrhea and malabsorption
10.Cloning and expression in e . coli of lactase . specific primers were designed according to the sequence of the beta - galactosidase gene from kluyveromyces lactis . klac gene was amplified by pcr and subsequently cloned
乳糖酶基因的克隆及原核表达以乳酸克鲁维斯酵母( kluyveromyceslactis )菌株k538的基因组dna为模板,设计引物,利用pcr获得乳糖酶基因klac ,经dna测序验证,得到克隆t1549 。
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