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Chinese translation for "gadfly"

Example Sentences:
1.Egypt is a beautiful heifer ; a gadfly from the north has come on her
2.Bravery , selfishness , and endurance are the characters which can be found easily on the gadfly
3." egypt is a beautiful heifer , but a gadfly is coming against her from the north
4.Drones , gadflies , wasps and butterflies flutter about aimlessly , brushing their wings against the walls of the hive
5.[ niv ] ' egypt is a beautiful heifer , but a gadfly is coming against her from the north
20 [和合]埃及是肥美的母牛21犊,但出于22北方的毁灭( “毁灭”或作“牛虻” )来到了!来到了
6.She sent a gadfly to torment io , who , in her flight , swam through the sea , named after her , ionian
7.The domination of two legal research services over the publication of federal and state court decisions is being challenged by an internet gadfly
8.Even if such a platform can be designed , the big exchanges are finding it harder to stay ahead of the gadflies , thanks to the falling cost of technology
9.According to archaic beliefs , swinging is connected with fertility , and it must be done , so the livestock will do well , as well as the flax , and one will be spared bites from mosquitoes and gadflies
10.It then arrested public attention by art works . its success continued as it moved into publishing chinese literature . its successes include nobel literature laureates series , foreign literary classics series , twentieth century french literature series , foreign human body art series , pearl buck collection , a complete guide to chinese and foreign prose poems , the danzig trilogy , collection of the year series , romance of the guangxi warlords , taiping heavenly kingdom , the account of jindou , heaven and earth , les fleurs du mal , liu yong and liu xuan series , how the steel was tempered , the gadfly , and the series of contemporary guangxi ethnic minority writers
本社所出版的“获诺贝尔文学奖作家丛书” “外国文学名著系列” “ 20世纪法国文学丛书” “外国人体美术丛书” “赛珍珠作品集”中外散文诗鉴赏大观“但泽三部曲” “年选大系”桂系演义太平天国金斗纪事皇天后土恶之花“刘墉刘轩作品系列”钢铁是怎样炼成的牛虻“广西当代少数民族作家丛书”等图书深受读者喜爱,产生十分深广的影响。
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