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Chinese translation for "flagrante"


Related Translations:
flagrante delicto:  〔拉丁语〕当场。be caught flagrante delicto 被当场抓住。
in flagrante delicto:  〔拉丁语〕就在作案时,当场。
arrest flagrante delicto:  现行逮捕作案当场逮捕
flagrante delicto criminal arrested:  被当场捉住的罪犯
Example Sentences:
1.Nana , her arms round prulliere s neck , was drawing him toward her when fontan , with comically furious mimicry and an exaggerated imitation of the face of an outraged husband who surprises his wife in flagrante delicto , appeared at the back of the grotto . he was holding the famous net with iron meshes
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