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English translation for "劳动力"

[ láodònglì ] 
1.(人力) labour force; work force; labour 短语和例子
2.(劳动能力) capacity for physical labour 短语和例子
3.(有劳动能力的人) able-bodied person 短语和例子

Related Translations:
劳动力商品:  commodity of labor power劳动力labour force; work force; la ...商品commodity; goods; merchandis ...
妇女劳动力:  female powerwomen power妇女woman劳动力labour force; work force; la ...
劳动力分配:  distribution of labour force劳动力labour force; work force; la ...分配distribution; allocation; as ...
廉价劳动力:  chealabour forcecheap labor powercheap labour廉价low-priced; cheap; at a low ...劳动力labour force; work force; la ...
劳动力价格:  price of labor power劳动力labour force; work force; la ...价格price; tariff
内部劳动力:  internal labor force内部interior; inside; inward; in ...劳动力labour force; work force; la ...
后备劳动力:  pool of labor后备reserve劳动力labour force; work force; la ...
占用劳动力:  appropriation of labor power占用employ; occupy; occupancy; o ...劳动力labour force; work force; la ...
平均劳动力:  average labor power平均average; mean劳动力labour force; work force; la ...
劳动力买卖:  buying and selling of labour power劳动力labour force; work force; la ...买卖buying and selling; business ...
Example Sentences:
1.Labour was scarce; but wages fell nevertheless .
2.Growth models usually consider labor as homogeneous .
3.Recruiting and employing forced labour was one of the war crimes .
4.Unemployed people are sometimes characterized as "surplus labor. "
5.That is because of a mismatching of the supply of labor and the demand for it .
6.In many developing countries the supply of workers far exceeds the demand .
7.One component of the earning power of labor is its inborn characteristics .
8.Employers in the united states gain, of course, from the extra supply of labor .
9.The out flow of redundant labor from the rural sector would raise the land-labor ratio .
10.The price of labor is also an extremely important economic factor on the input side .
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