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"Translation-Dictionary.net" is the most comprehensive free online dictionary available on the web. It well exceeds regular dictioanries in terms of vocabulary coverage and it translates hundreds of thousands of words, phrases, and sentences between multiple languages. It includes translations for a wide varierty of domains such as proper names, technical terminologies, movie titles, etc. It also offers pronunciation, related terms, synonyms, spelling correction, and example sentences.

折箭为盟 break an arrow as vow to kee...
折箭为誓 A vow is taken with the brea...
折纸 paper folding
折线 broken line
折线图 line graph
折缝 welt seam
折翼 flap
折翼飞机 folding wing aeroplane
折耗 damage
折腰 bow
折腾 do sth. over and over again
折节下交 humble oneself in making acq...
折节待士 condescend to treat those in...
折衷 compromise
折衷方案 trade-off
折衷方法 trade-off
折让 discounts and allowances
折让及回扣 allowance and rebats
折足覆餗 without the required ability...
折跟头 turn somersault
折辱 humiliate
折边 edgefold
折边机 folding brake
折过儿 turn over
折道南行 turn off to the south
折针 bent needle
折门 folding door
折阳 She Yang
折页 fold
折页机 paper folding machine
折页板 folding plates
折顶天线 folded top antenna
折颈断骨 break one's neck
折餐巾 fold a napkin
抚今追昔 evoke memories of the past w...
抚养 foster
抚养义务 duty to rear
抚养成人 bring to maturity
抚养指数 dependency index
抚养责任 duty of care
抚养费 cost of maintenance
抚剑 stroke sword
抚孤 nurse orphan
抚尸恸哭 cry over sb.'s remains
抚弄 stroke
抚弄大拇指 twiddle or twirl one's thumb...
抚恤 comfort and compensate a ber...
抚恤基金 pension funds
抚恤费 funds for the disabled and s...
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