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切勿投掷 no dumping
切勿见怪 Don't take it ill.
切勿迟延 Be sure not to delay.
切变 shear
切口 cut
切合 suit
切合实际 suit the actual condition of
切合实际的计划 a sensible plan
切合时宜 timely
切合需要 fit in with the needs
切块 stripping and slicing
切块机 dicer
切实 practical
切实可行的办法 a practical method
切实可行的计划 feasible plan
切实改正错误 correct one's mistakes in re...
切实有效的办法 practical and effective meas...
切屑 cuttings
切开 cut open
切开引流 incision and drainage
切开西瓜 cut open a watermelon incisi...
切当 proper
切忌 must guard against
切忌主观片面 Be careful to avoid being su...
切忌生冷 cold and raw food strictly f...
切忌饮酒过度 by all means avoid excessive...
切成两半 cut into halves
切成四瓣儿 cut into four
切掉 prescind
切断 cut off
切断去路 cut off one's route
切断敌人后路 cut off the enemy's route of...
切断敌军退路 cut off the enemy's retreat ...
切断电源 dump
切断电路 clear the circuit
切断电键 split key
切望 on tiptoe
切末 simple stage property
切点 point of contact
切片 cut into slices section
切片刀 slicer
切片工 filleter
切片机 filleting machine
切片标本 section preparation
切片检查 cut sections for microscopic...
切片法 microtomy
切牙 incisor
切碎 cut up
切碎机 shredding machine
双反应法 two reaction method
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