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English translation for "结果评价"

evaluation of result
outcome assessment
outcome evaluation
product evaluation结果result; outcome; fruit; endi ...评价appraise; evaluate; assess; ...

Related Translations:
延期结果:  postponed result延期postpone; defer; put off; de ...结果result; outcome; fruit; endi ...
比拟结果:  analogue result比拟compare; parallel; draw a pa ...结果result; outcome; fruit; endi ...
结果被:  discovered结果result; outcome; fruit; endi ...被quilt
结果导向:  results focus结果result; outcome; fruit; endi ...导向guide; steering; guiding
观测结果:  observation观测observe; observation; viewin ...结果result; outcome; fruit; endi ...
结果犯:  co equential offenco equentialoffenconsequential offence结果result; outcome; fruit; endi ...犯go against; offend; violate
回送结果:  return result结果result; outcome; fruit; endi ...
结果责任:  accountabilityerfolgshaftung结果result; outcome; fruit; endi ...责任duty; responsibility
手术结果:  the surgical result手术surgical operation; operatio ...结果result; outcome; fruit; endi ...
表决结果:  resolution decision outcome表决put to the vote; decide by v ...结果result; outcome; fruit; endi ...
Example Sentences:
1.4 . 4 evaluation and approval of certification results
2.Evaluation on routine immunization rate surveillance in zhanjiang
3.Acoustic emission examination and evaluation of metallic pressure vessels
4.At last , this paper design a means how to appraise the market order
5.Threaded fasteners - axial load fatigue testing - test methods and evaluation of results
6.Means of watermark attack and test result evaluation are two important components
7.Hereby the safety of the combined mining of thin seams under the close gob water was evaluated
8.Personnel plan constitution process - personnel plan evaluation - evaluation of plan implementation and result
9.Testing involves operation of a system or application under controlled conditions and evaluating the results
10.We stimuli and synthesis this circuit in the eda tools software . and then give the evaluation of performance
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