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English translation for "table roulante"

n. dumbwaiter

Related Translations:
benne roulante:  n. tramcar
chaise roulante:  n. wheel chair, medical chair used for transportation when one cannot walk
table:  n. table, piece of furniture comprised of a large flat surface supported by one or more legs; board, food
table alphabétique:  n. index, list of subjects or other information arranged in alphabetical order
table traçante:  n. plotting table
table gigogne:  n. nest of tables
table pliante:  n. folding, portable
table ronde:  n. round table, panel
table d'harmonie:  n. sounding board, board within a musical instrument which strengthens the sound
table d'hôte:  n. table d'hote (french), meaning "table of the host" meal option that offers full meal with limited, choice of food for a fixed price
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