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English translation for "société yamaha"

n. yamaha corporation, japanese company which is one of the world's largest manufacturers, of musical instruments and professional audio products

Related Translations:
yamaha:  n. yamaha, japanese company manufacturer of a large number of products (including consumer electronics, motorcycles, audio and musical instruments)
société:  n. society; company, framework; association
société anonyme:  n. public company, company with at least seven stockholders that has the authority to recruit public funds (if funds have already been recruited the company must present a yearly balance t
société charitable:  n. charity society
société d'exploitation:  n. development company
société permissive:  n. permissive society
société bénévole:  n. benevolent society
société immobilière:  n. building society, construction company
société par actions:  n. joint stock
société de portefeuille:  n. holding company
Similar Words:
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