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English translation for "nager comme fer à repasser"

swim like a brick

Related Translations:
nager:  v. swim, propel oneself through water using the arms and legs; float on the surface of a liquid
planche à repasser:  n. ironing board
nager sous l'eau:  v. swim under water
nager dans l'abondance:  v. be rolling in money, be wealthy, be rich
nager la brasse:  v. do the breast stroke
nager le crawl:  v. do the crawl
nager dans l'argent:  v. be rolling in money
nager sur le dos:  v. backstroke, swimming stroke done on the back
nager comme un poisson:  v. swim like a fish
nager contre le courant:  v. swim against the current, swim upstream
Similar Words:
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