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English translation for "menu vair"

n. miniver, minever

Related Translations:
vair:  n. vair
menu:  adj. slim, thin; slender, smalln. menu, list of choices, list of foods that can or will be served at a meal; list of commands or options which may be selected (computers)
menu principal:  n. main menu, primary list of options in a computer program
menu hiérarchique:  n. hierarchical menus, menus in which some of the options open into sub-menus
menu déroulant:  n. pop-up menu, list of commands or options that appears temporarily when activated (computers)
menu détachable:  n. tear-off menu
menu bois:  n. brushwood, dense thicket
menu contextuel:  n. context-sensitive menu (computers)
menu système:  n. control menu, menu which opens when the mouse is clicked on the upper left-hand corner of an application window in a windows environment
menu secondaire:  n. sub menu (computers), secondary menu that shows up while the cursor is held over an item on the main menu
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