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English translation for "jacques villeret"

n. jacques villeret, french movie actor (born in 1951)

Related Translations:
jacques:  n. jacques, male first name (french); chirac, jacques chirac; jack (form of jacob or john); fellow, man
attali jacques:  n. attali jacques, politician
jacques brel:  n. jacques brel (1929-1978), belgian-born french singer and songwriter
jacques dubois:  n. jacobus sylvius (1478-1555), french physician who made discoveries about the brain
jacques offenbach:  n. jacques offenbach (1819-1880, birth name: jakob eberst), french cellist and composer of operettas and the opera "tales of hoffman"
jacques chirac:  n. jacques chirac (born 1932), french politician, prime minister of france (1986-88); president of france (1995-present)
jacques lacan:  n. jacques lacan (1901-1981), influential french psychoanalyst who modified freud's theory of human sexuality
jacques derrida:  n. jacques derrida (1930-2004), algerian born french philosopher, leader of the deconstructionist movement, which advocates subjective interpretation of literary texts
jacques myard:  n. jacques myard
coquille saint jacques:  n. scallop
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