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English translation for "ferdinand von zeppelin"

n. ferdinand von zeppelin (1838-1917), german army officer, developer of the first rigid airship in 1900

Related Translations:
zeppelin:  n. zeppelin, dirigible airship of german design
ferdinand:  n. ferdinand, male first name; ferdinand magellan, (c.1480-1521) portuguese explorer and navigator; ferdinand i, "ferdinand the great", emperor of spain
ferdinand magellan:  n. ferdinand magellan (c.1480-1521), portuguese explorer and navigator
ferdinand vi:  n. ferdinand vi (1713-1759), king of spain (1746-1759)
ferdinand vii:  n. ferdinand vii (1784-1833), king of spain (1808, 1814-33)
ferdinand de saussure:  n. ferdinand de saussure (1857-1913), swiss linguist, founder of structural linguistics
john von neumann:  n. john von neumann (1903-1957), united states mathematician who was born in hungary (laid the foundation for game theory and for the development of computers)
august von wassermann:  n. august von wassermann (1866-1925), german physician and bacteriologist
franz von leydig:  n. franz von leydig (1821-1908), german histologist after whom the leydig cells are named
anton von webern:  n. anton von webern (1883-1945), austrian composer and conductor, student of schoenberg who adopted the 12-tone style in his compositions
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