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English translation for "eau du bain"

n. bath water

Related Translations:
bain de sang:  n. blood bath
eau:  uae, united arab emirates, independent federation consisting of seven arab emirates located on the south coast of the persian gulf and having as its capital the city of abu dhabieau (emi
eau dure:  n. hard water, water containing a high concentration of minerals and calcium
eau stagnante:  n. backwater
faire eau:  v. leak
eau régale:  n. aqua regia
eau oxygénée:  n. hydrogen peroxide, liquid compound of hydrogen and oxygen (used as an antiseptic, to bleach hair, etc.)
eau distillée:  n. distilled water, purified water, water from which mineral deposits and chemical agents have been removed
eau minérale:  n. mineral water
eau morte:  n. dead water
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