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English translation for "benjamin"

n. benjamin, male first name; jacob and rachel's youngest son (biblical); one of the 12 tribes of israel (biblical)

Related Translations:
benjamin disraeli:  n. benjamin disraeli (1804-81), british statesman, prime minister
benjamin banneker:  n. benjamin banneker, (1731-1806) african american astronomer and mathematician, member of the planning committee which designed the city of washington dc, writer and publisher of an annua
benjamin harrison:  n. benjamin harrison (1833-1901), 23rd president of the united states (1889-93)
benjamin franklin:  n. benjamin franklin (1706-90), american statesman scientist and author, signer of the declaration of independence, publisher of "poor richard's almanack"
benjamin d'israëli:  n. benjamin d'israëli (1804-1881), english statesman and former prime minister
benjamin peirce:  n. benjamin peirce (1809-80), american mathematician and astronomer
benjamin britten:  n. benjamin britten (1913-1976), english composer and pianist
benjamin edmond rothschild:  n. benjamin edmond rothschild, member of a family of european jewish bankers and philanthropists
benjamin de tudèle:  n. benjamin of tudella, medieval jewish traveler and writer (author of the "book of travels")
benjamin zeev herzl:  n. benjamin zeev herzl (1860-1904), hungarian born jewish leader and journalist, founder of modern zionism
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