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Chinese translation for "zener"


Related Translations:
zener diode:  【无线电】齐纳二极管,稳压二极管。zenern. 【无线电】齐纳。 dioden. 【无线电】二极管。
zener voltage:  【无线电】齐纳电压。zenern. 【无线电】齐纳。 voltagen. 【电学】电压,电压量,伏特数。 the worki ...
zener current:  【无线电】齐纳电流。zenern. 【无线电】齐纳。 currentadj. 1.通用的,流行的。 2.现在的,现时的,当时 ...
zener effect:  【无线电】齐纳效应。
zener breakdown:  【无线电】齐纳击穿。zenern. 【无线电】齐纳。 breakdownn. 1.崩溃,倒塌;破损,损耗;损伤;损坏,故障;失败 ...
Example Sentences:
1.Alloy zener junction
2.The flow stress can be described by temperature - compensated strain rate , the so - called zener - hollomon parameter
3.The basis topologies for the band - gap , buried zener , and xfet references are shown in figures 1 , 2 , and 3 , respectively
关于带隙基准、掩埋齐纳二极管和xfet基准的基本拓扑如图1 、 2和3所示。
4.Modern voltage references are constructed using the energy - band - gap voltage of integrated transistors , buried zener diodes , and junction field - effect transistors
5.The double exchange interaction founded by zener in early 1950 ' s , and developed by anderson and de gennes later is a better theory in describing the conductive behavior in the compounds
6.We are your specialist for semiconductor diodes and rectifiers : standard to ultrafast recovery , schottky , zener , supressor - diodes , bridge rectifiers , transistors , diacs ; also customized
7.Buried zener - based references are frequently used for 12 - bit , 14 - bit , and higher resolution systems because the performance of the buried zener - based references can be extended by incorporating nonlinear temperature compensation networks into the design
在设计中使用非线性温度补偿网络,掩埋齐纳二极管基准的性能可以进一步提升,因此掩埋齐纳二极管基准经常用于12位、 14位和更高分辨率的系统中。
8.We studied the influence of the interface strain and it shows that the lattice mismatch between substrate and film is the main reason of the above observations . expand strain decreases tm - i with increasing resistivity and compressed strain has the opposite effect . using double exchange model of zener these results can be explained qualitatively
27欧姆厘米,转变温度是78与154开尔文,磁场强度为7t时,磁阻率为习3及巧6 x结合双交换模型和不同的应力作用,逐一解释了产生差异的缘由,其中我们也讨论了具有)取向的la 。
9.Firstly , i provide a brief review of the previous achievements and investigations on the low - dimensional quantum devices and semiconductor superlattice , in which some principal theories such as bloch oscillations , wannier - stark ladder , zener tunneling and related progress in experiments are introduced
首先综述了过去三十年低维量子器件与半导体超晶格的发展与相关研究,介绍了bloch振荡、 wannier - stark台阶、 zener隧穿等关键理论以及相关实验方面的进展,并引入简化模型:紧束缚模型与单带模型。
10.That is the reason that all over the countries have never stopped researching for mask jamming technology of radar . at present , the mask jamming source mainly comes from the thermal noise and zener avalanche noise of semiconductor devices . but the noise ’ s quality isn ’ t stabile because of the differences of semiconductor devices each other and the changes of exterior conditions
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