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Chinese translation for "yellow phosphorus"


Related Translations:
phosphorus trichloride:  三氯化磷
yellow yellow:  黄色的香蕉真好吃是黄色
yellow wind:  黄风黄土风
chromosol yellow:  铬溶黄
yellow copperas:  叶绿矾
yellow music:  留声中国
yellow time:  黄灯时间
cationic yellow:  阳离子黄
yellow lupine:  黄羽扇豆
yellowing stage:  黄化期
Example Sentences:
1.Yellow phosphorus copper transformers power transformers
2.Safety code for the packaging of yellow phosphorus - use appraisal
3.Determination of total phosphorus in yellow phosphorus tail gas by spectrophotometry
4.Preparation and microstructure analysis of glass - ceramics based on yellow phosphorus slag
5.Adsorbing purification of ph3 in off - gas of yellow phosphorus by modified activated carbon
6.Survey report on the physical condition of workers in yellow phosphorus manufacturing factories
7.An analysis of the production technology indicates there is a gap between the yellow phosphorus units in china and the advanced ones abroad
8.Article 31 it is forbidden to discharge or dump into any water body or directly bury deadly toxic soluble slag , tailings , etc . containing such substances as mercury , cadmium , arsenic , chromium , lead , cyanide and yellow phosphorus
9.Graphite electrodes are mainly used as electric conduction material of are furnace for steel , yellow phosphorus and industrial silicon , smelting all kinds of alloy steel , nonferrous metal and rare metal , graphite electrodes will have a wide and steady market now and in the future
10.In line with the problems of domestic yellow phosphorus enterprises small in scale , low labor productivity , low product added value , and poor economic benefits , several suggestions are offered on the sustainable development of the yellow phosphorus industry in china from the viewpoint of scientific development
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