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Chinese translation for "weeping willow"


Related Translations:
weep:  vi.( wept )1.哭泣;悲叹,叹息 (for; over)。2.流泪;滴下。3.(枝)垂下,低垂。vt.1.流(泪);为…流泪。2.悲叹;哀悼。3.(岩石、植物等)渗出(水气),分泌出,滴(水滴)。短语和例子weep away 在哭泣中度过 (weep away a whole day 整整哭了一天)。 weep for [with] joy 快乐得流泪。weep
wept:  weep 的过去式及过去分词。
weeping:  adj.1.流泪的,哭泣的。2.渗出的;滴下的。3.下雨的。4.垂枝的。短语和例子a weeping pipe 排水管。
weeping eczema:  【医学】渗出性湿疹。
weep hole:  (护壁等上)滴水的洞孔。
willow:  n.1.柳(属)。2.柳木制品,(尤指棒球、板球的)球棒。短语和例子a weeping willow 垂柳。 sing willow = wear (the) willow = wear the willow garland = wear the green willow 1. 服丧,戴孝。 2. 失恋。 3. 悼念情人的死〔因从前戴柳叶花圈表示哀思〕;失去所爱的人。n.【
pussy willow:  【植物;植物学】褪色柳。
willow oak:  【植物;植物学】(北美)柳栎。
willow herb:  短语和例子【植物;植物学】1.柳叶菜(属)。2.千屈菜。
willow pattern:  柳树图案〔1780年源出英国的瓷器图案,由河流,宝塔,柳树构成〕。
Example Sentences:
1.The morning breeze is swaying the weeping willows ..
2.The weeping willows looked fresher and greener after the rain
3.Weeping willows laugh in the breeze
4.Nicknamed weeping willows
5.When breezes ruffle the lake water , the weeping willows sway their tender branches
6.Cos of the limitation of time , we ' ve only been to lotus & weeping willow park , north putuo temple , forest bathing and tower
7.Curiously , both images of education ? the weeping willows of cambridge and the futuristic architecture of uel ? are cherished by the government
奇怪的是,教育界两个景象迥异的学校? ?垂柳依依的剑桥和建筑前卫的uel ? ?都是政府扶植的对象。
8.Around the hotel are many extraordinary hills and weeping willow . on the other side of the lake . it is the famous scenic spot - ancient south city gate and thousand - year - old banyan tree
9.On the branches of the cedars were perched large eagles ; amid the foliage of the weeping willows were herons , solemnly standing on one leg ; and on every hand were crows , ducks , hawks , wild birds , and a multitude of cranes , which the japanese consider sacred , and which to their minds symbolize long life and prosperity
10.Round the beautiful pavilion in addition to the long dike , weeping willow , green water , hear the oriole bridge and adopt the lotus bridge , the barn swallow bridge elegant choiceness , the oriole flying fish jump , the bottle gourd island , water moon xuan , the bamboo grove island becomes the wood , enchanting sight in spring time , the none is not to inebriate person s good prosperity
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