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Chinese translation for "weep in silence"


Related Translations:
wept:  weep 的过去式及过去分词。
weeping rock:  渗水岩
weeping pipe:  滴水管排水孔管
weep out:  哭着说出
weeping beech:  垂枝山毛榉
psychic weeping:  精神性流泪
weep pipe:  滴水管
foam weep:  洒落泡沫
weeping tree:  垂枝树
weeping rivet:  漏水铆钉铆钉渗水
Example Sentences:
1.Miss pross only shook her head and wept in silence
2.I wept in silence , my dear , as i listened to all these considerations which had already occurred to me many times , for now , on your father s lips , they seemed even more pressing and real
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