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Chinese translation for "waste stream"


Related Translations:
streaming:  n.1.流动。2.【生物学】胞质环流。3.〔主英〕学生编班制。4.【计算机】(可使音频视频不用下载而快速为用户所享受的)流动或接收法。
stream:  n.1.河流,小河;川,溪。2.流出,流注;一连串,(人物等的)辈出。3.(事件等的)连续;(财富等的)滚滚而来。4.趋势,倾向,潮流。5.〔英国〕(一个年级学生中按智力划分的)班组。短语和例子A bridge is being built over the foaming stream. 正在这条怒流滚滚的河上建造一座桥。 The accident delayed a l
wasting:  adj.消耗性的,渐减的;使荒废的;破坏性的。n.浪费;糟蹋;消耗,【医学】虚痨。 a wasting disease 消耗性疾病〔如结核病〕;痨病。
waste:  adj.1.荒芜的,不毛的,荒废了的;未开垦的;荒凉的。2.废弃的,无用的;多余的;身体内排泄的。短语和例子waste land(s) 荒地。 waste water 废水。 waste heat 废热,余热。 waste products (工厂出品中的)废品。 waste product (身体组织中的)废料。 lay waste 糟蹋,毁坏,蹂躏;劫掠。 lie wa
third stream:  【音乐】第三乐派〔将爵士音乐即兴技术与古典音乐技术结合起来的乐派〕。
black stream:  黑潮,日本海流。
stream time:  连续开工时间,工作周期。
jet stream:  1.急流,喷流。2.【航空】喷射气流,喷流。
air stream:  气流。
mill stream:  mill stream = mill race.
Example Sentences:
1.A flow chart of aluminum processing waste stream is presented in figure 22 .
2.Most polymer emulsion may coagulate when they enter waste streams .
3.Waste streams from different processing operations will have to be isolated .
4.The chemical reactivity of apo would facilitate its hydrolysis in a waste stream .
5.The waste stream from the pickling line will contain a total chloride content of approximately 7000 mg/l .
6.A patent was recently issued, for a system which will remove color from a textile waste stream by electrolysis .
7.It can be visualized that nearly one ton of solvent per day per range will reach the atmosphere or waste stream .
8.The high colour value or absorptivity needed for a commercial dye is not an advantage when that dye ends up in a waste stream .
9.The recovery process necessitates waste stream segregation if water and chemical reuse are to offset capital and operational costs .
10.More research is needed to develop effective methods of removing volatile chemicals from waste streams without contributing to the problem of air pollution .
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