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Chinese translation for "wall painting"


Related Translations:
painting:  n.1.绘画;(一张)油画,水彩画。2.画法;绘画艺术。3.上色,着色;搽胭脂;涂漆。4.颜料,油漆,涂料。短语和例子traditional Chinese painting 中国画。
paint:  n.1.颜料;涂料;油漆。2.化妆品;香粉;口红;胭脂;(化装用的)油彩。3.彩色;装饰,虚饰。短语和例子powder and paint 粉和胭脂。 a luminous [phosphorescent] paint 发光涂料。 as fresh as paint 精神焕发;强壮的。 as smart as paint 非常漂亮。 Fresh P- 〔美国〕=Wet pa
painted:  adj.1.画的;着了色的。2.油漆了的。3.色彩鲜明的。4.搽了脂粉的。5.假的,虚饰的。短语和例子painted china 彩釉瓷器。 the P- Desert 美国亚利桑那州的红土荒地。 a painted sepulchre 伪君子。 a painted woman 〔美国〕妓女。
painting room:  画室。
oil painting:  画油画,油画法。
yellow paint:  黄铅油;黄色油漆。
water paint:  水粉涂料。
landscape painting:  风景画(法)。
finger paint:  作手指画用的颜料。
grease paint:  (化妆用的)油彩。
Example Sentences:
1.Rujiaoqi , within walls paint , production , marketing
2.Part of a wall painting here , a bit of a fresco there
3.Salting simulative test on wall painting plaster of cave 85 in mogao grottoes
4.I saw several houses with mosaic floors and wall paintings
5.Their wall paintings bear witness to impressive artistic activity
6.Rujiaoqi , in the wall painting , wall paint , fangci paint and chemical products
7.Micro diffraction analysis of the rare green pigment botallackite in ancient wall paintings
8.Carefully stripping away ( or off ) centuries of dirt , the scientists uncovered a valuable old wall painting
9.The tin hau temple , built before 1872 , is a traditional chinese two - hall structure decorated by delicate wall painting , wood engraving and pottery
10.The western area of the shinsaibashi is nicknamed as the american village , and its symbol is the walls painted with unique illustrations
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