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Chinese translation for "wall paint"

墙上涂料wallwall2 演戏般转动(眼睛)。 paintn. 1.颜料;涂料;油漆。 2.化妆品;香粉;口红;胭 ...

Related Translations:
multicolor paint:  多色漆paintn. 1.颜料;涂料;油漆。 2.化妆品;香粉;口红;胭 ...
paint baking:  漆层烘烤paintn. 1.颜料;涂料;油漆。 2.化妆品;香粉;口红;胭 ...bakingn. 烘烤(面包等),焙烘。 adj. 烘烤的,灼热的。 ...
disinfectant paint:  杀菌涂料paintn. 1.颜料;涂料;油漆。 2.化妆品;香粉;口红;胭 ...
freeboard paint:  干舷与船宽比freeboard【造船】杆弦高度,杆弦。 paintn. 1.颜料;涂料;油漆。 2.化妆品;香粉;口红;胭 ...
paint sludge:  油漆污泥paintn. 1.颜料;涂料;油漆。 2.化妆品;香粉;口红;胭 ...sludgen. 1.泥,泥浆,烂泥。 2.(锅炉等的)泥状沉积物。 ...
heatresisting paint:  耐热漆paintn. 1.颜料;涂料;油漆。 2.化妆品;香粉;口红;胭 ...
academic painting:  学院派绘画academicadj. 1.学院的;大学的;学会的,(学术、文艺)协会 ...paintingn. 1.绘画;(一张)油画,水彩画。 2.画法;绘画艺 ...
body painting:  人体彩绘
polyester paint:  聚酯漆polyestern. 聚酯。 polyester fibres 聚酯纤维 ...paintn. 1.颜料;涂料;油漆。 2.化妆品;香粉;口红;胭 ...
marking paint:  划线漆markingn. 1.作记号;记分;记号,印记,点;(尤指鸟兽的皮、 ...paintn. 1.颜料;涂料;油漆。 2.化妆品;香粉;口红;胭 ...
Example Sentences:
1.Rujiaoqi , within walls paint , production , marketing
2.Part of a wall painting here , a bit of a fresco there
3.Salting simulative test on wall painting plaster of cave 85 in mogao grottoes
4.Rujiaoqi , in the wall painting , wall paint , fangci paint and chemical products
5.Carefully stripping away ( or off ) centuries of dirt , the scientists uncovered a valuable old wall painting
6.The tin hau temple , built before 1872 , is a traditional chinese two - hall structure decorated by delicate wall painting , wood engraving and pottery
7.The western area of the shinsaibashi is nicknamed as the american village , and its symbol is the walls painted with unique illustrations
8.The gigantic wall painting of the sea in the hall reflects with the stocky and magnificent columns , embodying both the grand atmosphere of a military hotel and the verve of the sea
9.The main emphasis on inner - wall paints should be taken seriously to health , environmental protection and safety , containing being water - soluable environment protected and bacteria - groof
10.1994 , each team arrived at beijing then took a train to head for the silk road . held 4 days stage race along the silk road , the finish point was tun - huang , which is famous for its world s legacy wall painting
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