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Chinese translation for "waken up"

醒来wakenvi. 醒来;醒着。 vt. 弄醒,唤醒;使觉醒,振起, ...upadv. (superl. uppermost ) 1. ...

Related Translations:
waken:  vi.醒来;醒着。vt.弄醒,唤醒;使觉醒,振起,鼓励。
waken vi:  醒来睡醒wakenvi. 醒来;醒着。 vt. 弄醒,唤醒;使觉醒,振起,【化学】元素 virginium (?)的符号。
the wakening land:  唤醒地带苏醒之地the短语和例子 hire by the week 按周雇用。 ...wakenvi. 醒来;醒着。 vt. 弄醒,唤醒;使觉醒,振起, ...landn. 1.陆地,地面。 2.土地,田地;农田;〔pl.〕 ...
waken from a swoon:  苏醒过来wakenvi. 醒来;醒着。 vt. 弄醒,唤醒;使觉醒,振起, ...from短语和例子 from above [below] 自上[ ...a短语和例子 a , an an 用在以元音音素开始的词 ...swoonn. 昏厥,晕倒;神魂颠倒。 fall into a s ...
be fearful of wakening sb:  生怕吵醒某人bevi. 1.有…存在,生存。 Can such thin ...fearfuladj. 1.吓人的;可怕的。 2.〔口语〕非常的,厉害 ...of短语和例子 five minutes of four 差 ...wakenvi. 醒来;醒着。 vt. 弄醒,唤醒;使觉醒,振起, ...sbSb =stibium 【化学】锑 (=antimony ...
like wakening from a dream:  梦醒时分likeadj. (more like, most like 〔 ...wakenvi. 醒来;醒着。 vt. 弄醒,唤醒;使觉醒,振起, ...from短语和例子 from above [below] 自上[ ...a短语和例子 a , an an 用在以元音音素开始的词 ...dreamn. 1.梦。 2.幻想,梦想;空想。 3.理想,愿望。 ...
Example Sentences:
1.Frank too wakened up from the delightful midsummer dream to the horrible reality of his own pain .
2.He is waken up by a sound , and has been leaped
3.What ? rostov was saying , as he wakened up
4.His eyes came to hers in an instant , as if wakened up
5.Jenny : i was waken up by my alarm clock , but it was quite dark outside
6.The baby began to cry . no doubt , she was waken up by the noise outside
7." fire ! fire ! " what terrible words to hear when one is waken up in a strange house in the middle of the night
“火!火! ” ,午夜里在一个陌生的房间中听到这样的字眼是多么的令人恐惧!
8.Why should i believe you , clifford , when i feel that whatever god there is has at last wakened up in my guts , as you call them , and is rippling so happily there , like dawn
9.It is when ministers and people waken up to the consciousness that the power and blessing of the holy ghost is waiting for their united and unceasing prayer , that the church will begin to know something of what pentecostal apostolic christianity is
10.It was my first time to live in a strange place , a strange room , just one person , slept for all night , i was waken up with a start by outsides sounds of rain , wind and vehicles , i felt terrible in my heart , if tomorrow was also this kind of whether , if i wanted to go ahead
第一次,在一个陌生的地方,在一个陌生的房间,一个人,睡了一个晚上,夜里多次被外边的雨声风声车声惊醒,心里很焦虑,如果明天还是这种天气,我是否还有向前的勇气。 。 。 。 。
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