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Chinese translation for "volume increment"


Related Translations:
deferred increment:  延期增薪
variable increments:  可变增量
load increment:  负荷增量荷载增量载荷增量载重增加载重增量重增量
average increment:  平均生长量平均增长平均增量
second increment:  二阶增量
stress increment:  应力增量
total increment:  总生长量总增量
forbidden increment:  禁增量
gauss increment:  高斯增量
lag increment:  滞后增量
Example Sentences:
1.This paper gives a survey on experimental forestland . 25 tree species were selected , and arranged in order by average diameter at breast height , average height , average individual volume and annual average volume increment in a unit area in this experiment
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