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Chinese translation for "volume increase"


Related Translations:
increased desquamation:  脱屑增加
increasing mode:  递增方式
increase usefulness:  增加用途
increasing duty:  加重关税
monotonic increasing:  单调递增
increase production:  增加生产
temperature increase:  温度升高温升
increased demand:  需求增加
wage increase:  增加工资
increasing series:  递增级数
Example Sentences:
1.Asia export volume increased 29 % as export volume out of china more than doubled
1 % ,亚洲的业务出口量增长29 % ,其中中国的业务出口量超过了这个数字的两倍。
2.Trading volume increased by 4 . 5 % , which was well up on recent years , and turnover rose by 3 %
贸易额增加了4 . 5 % ,与近几年相比有了大幅度的提高。营业额提高了3 % 。
3.Asia s trade volume increased by 15 percent in 2000 , more than twice the average growth rate for the 1990 s
4.Smart power system is widely used in different industries ; its market volume increases very fast . so the demand of its control ic is very huge
5.But the volume increased all day and some parts of the city were filled with an absurd amount of the white stuff
6.In the order volume increases unceasingly in the situation , we reduce the production cost , provides the excellent in quality and reasonable in price mattress to the customer
7.The water went up in the tube because , when the water became hot , its volume increased , nearly all liquids and solids get bigger like this when they become hot
8.Should torque prove to be a problem , additions of lubricant should be made . treatment will be with mil - lube and begin with 1 % by volume increasing to 2 % if required
如果确认摩阻问题严重,就要加米尔润滑剂处理,用量为钻井液总量的1 % ,如果需要也可增加到2 % 。
9.13 all new technologies tend to be costly when they first become available in small quantities , then their costs decline as production volumes increase and the technologies mature
10.With the increasing pyrolysis temperature , the specific surface area as well as micropore surface area and total volume increased accompanied with the narrower pore size distribution
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