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Chinese translation for "ukulele"

Example Sentences:
1.She strummed idly on her ukulele while her guests picked up an old song that had come down from better days .
2.Acoustic guitar , electric guitar , ukulele , drum set , violin
3.31 classic collections of ukulele
4.And i iearned to play the ukulele in one of my iast films , not so tiny tim
5.We ' d worked out a new routine , using only a ukulele and a harmonica
6.. . . we ' d worked out a new routine , using only a ukulele and a harmonica
. . .我们计划了一套全新的节目只用一把尤格里里琴和一只口琴。
7.While musicians sing and play the ukulele , i eat roasted3 pig and laugh with the locals
8.Abby : when i was working at a farmers market in new york , one of the bakers taught me how to play that song on ukulele
9.Ukulele : a so - called musical instrument which , when listen to , you cannot tell whether one is playing on it or just monkeying with it
尤在里里琴? ?是所谓的一种乐器,乍听之下,你可不晓得人家在弹呢、还是在瞎弄。
10.The hulk of an ancient wreck burned with blue fires , in the light of which danced the hula dancers to the barbaric love - calls of the singers , who chanted to tinkling ukuleles and rumbling tom - toms
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