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Chinese translation for "true crime"


Related Translations:
crime free:  无犯罪的
true carnage:  真实大屠杀
true heading:  真船首向真首向真航向真艏向
true hovering:  真悬停
true constant:  真常数真实常数
true shape:  真实形状
true attenuation:  实际衰减真实衰减
true otter:  河水獭
true sun:  真太阳
true score:  真分数
Example Sentences:
1.Murder , greed , lust , revenge . it s all here in the first anthology film of shaws landmark true crime series - featuring " hidden torsos " , " valley of
2.Danny lee - who was to find even greater fame in such classics as john woo s the killer , liu chia - liang s tiger on the beat 2 , and his self - directed true crime thrillers dr . lamb - wisely chooses not to try an impersonation of bruce
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