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Chinese translation for "threaten our life"


Related Translations:
threatening:  adj.恐吓的,威胁的;危险的,险恶的。adv.-ly
threatened:  危迫的,先兆的危险时刻
threatened asphyxia:  先兆窒息
threatening roar:  威吓咆哮威吓咆啸
threatened stroke:  先兆性脑卒中
threatening times:  危急年代
threatening letter:  恐吓信
threatened labor:  先兆临产
near threatened:  接近受威胁
threatened area:  退离或在对手杀伤范围
Example Sentences:
1.Presently a new and formidable danger threatened our life .
2.Today , the shortage of energy and environmental pollution are the most serious questions that threaten our lives
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