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Chinese translation for "the netherlands"


Related Translations:
netherlands:  n. 〔pl.〕 〔the Netherlands〕 〔 ...  detail>>
the:  短语和例子 hire by the week 按周雇用。 ...  detail>>
netherlands post:  荷兰邮报  detail>>
new netherlands:  新尼德兰  detail>>
netherlands indies:  印度尼西亚共和国  detail>>
netherlands building:  荷兰大厦  detail>>
netherlands guiana:  荷属圭亚那; 苏利南共和国  detail>>
veterinary netherlands:  荷兰兽医局  detail>>
Example Sentences:
1.A great part of the netherlands has now been impoldered .
2.Similar methods are used in advisory work in the netherlands .
3.The netherlands became, of course, an even greater drain upon general imperial revenues .
4.By elimination, then, the netherlands was the only area in which habsburg losses might be out .
5.An outstanding example of the drastic alteration of the estuarine environment is found in the netherlands .
6.The prospect of the two industral empires of japan and germany drawing freely upon the vast resources of rubber, oil, and the other riches of the netherlands and india was too black a picture to contemplate .
7.By lu yong - ming , initiate - to - be , zwolle , the netherlands
8.By guo wan - jun , initiate - to - be , zwolle , the netherlands
9.And it was one piece of mail from the netherlands ,
10.Little donkey by theater terra the netherlands
大地剧团(荷兰) 《小驴的天空》
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