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Chinese translation for "the gambia"


Related Translations:
gambia:  n. 冈比亚(甘比亚)〔非洲〕。 n. -an 冈比亚 ...  detail>>
the:  短语和例子 hire by the week 按周雇用。 ...  detail>>
gambia shell:  网比亚贝  detail>>
gambia times:  冈比亚时报  detail>>
gambia echo:  冈比亚回声  detail>>
radio gambia:  冈比亚广播电台  detail>>
gambia river:  冈比亚河; 网比亚河  detail>>
gambia airways:  冈比亚航空公司  detail>>
Example Sentences:
1.Republic of the gambia
2.Two of them , nepal and the philippines , have since abolished it again ; in the other two , the gambia and papua new guinea , there have been no executions
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