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Chinese translation for "tax software"


Related Translations:
homework software:  家用软件
related software:  相关软件
software exchange:  专业软件交流区
software license:  软件认证软件使用权软件授权方式软件许可证软体许可证
software specialist:  软件专家
combinatorial software:  组合软件
software support:  软件支持程序软件支援, 软件支持软件支援程序
graphics software:  图形软件, 制图软件
maintenance software:  维护软件维修软件
software convention:  软件约定
Example Sentences:
1.Unfortunately these remaining 10 % are spread across a wide spectrum of applications : thousands of applications running the gamut from games to specialized accounting software for french farms , via italian encyclopedias , german tax software , child education software , banking software , in - house software representing years of development , etc
不幸的是,剩下的10 %涵盖了很多软件:数千种从游戏到法国农场的专用记帐软件,意大利百科全书、德国税收软件、幼儿教育软件、银行软件、花了数年开发的内部软件等等。
2.Its hardware design was analyzed from the master module , imported equipment modules , exporting equipment modules , data storage module , other components and the problem of the printer ’ s continuous printing from interrupted position was fixed in this course ; followed by , the software design including the operating system and the application software was discussed . the kernel of linux system was transferred to the motherboard of the novel fiscal cash register as its own operating system , in which the compilation of lcd driver and the printer driver was mainly focused on , and the application software was divided into the controlled tax software , the commercial software and power - fail protected disposal software for further discussion ; finally , the systemic reliability , security and electromagnetic compatibility were evaluated
首先硬件部分主要由主控模块、输入设备模块、输出设备模块、数据存储模块等部分组成,在硬件设计中解决了发票打印机掉电续打的难题;接着对税控收款机的软件设计主要从操作系统和应用软件两个方面讨论:操作系统采用的是linux操作系统,先将linux内核移植到税控收款机主板上,着重介绍了lcd 、打印机驱动程序编写;应用软件分为税控软件、商业软件和掉电处理程序来讨论;最后,对本文设计的税控收款机系统的可靠性、安全性和电磁兼容性等方面进行分析和研究。
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