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Chinese translation for "sub system"


Related Translations:
orientation sub:  定向接头
sub control:  辅助控制器副控制
sub slicing:  分层回采分层陷落开采
sub screen:  副萤幕
sub launched:  潜艇发射
sub nuclei:  亚核
sub poena:  罚金条款
locator sub:  定位接头
sub ring:  备用举重台
sub group:  (周期表)子群, 副族子群
Example Sentences:
1.Chapter five discusses the software design and implementation of the dsp sub system
2.[ 6 ] the whole process of development of sub system of data management is described in detail
( 6 )详细描述了资料管理子系统完整的开发过程。
3.There are 5 functional sub systems and 3 supports sub system in rmas , and their systematic architecture and functions are given in this paper
4.This thesis analysis the realization methods of each sub system and discuss the design of vehicle location and navigation system
5.Longkou information system is formed by three sub systems : finance system , personnel system and operation system of container and bulk cargo
6.Meanwhile , the dissertation presents an architecture of the information system oriented to mc and analyzes the integrating of information and functions between the sub systems
7.In this paper , the design idea , the system composition , the theory of the primary algorithm and the function composition of every sub system are introduced mainly
8.That system support prepaid card of voip and direct dial to ip with local telephone . the system also has rich kinds of rate policy and many management sub systems on operation support
9.Some applications of 3s technique in its is also introduced . ( 2 ) vehicle location and navigation systems mainly include three sub systems : location system , geographical system and wireless communication
介绍了gis 、 gps和rs的原理、应用及其3s集成技术和集成模式; 3s技术在车辆导航系统中的应用。
10.As the important part of design automation sub system , management and strategy sub system in cims , rdm and erp have come to be the key factor to manage the whole product definition and its lifetime
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