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Chinese translation for "sub control"


Related Translations:
orientation sub:  定向接头
sub slicing:  分层回采分层陷落开采
sub screen:  副萤幕
sub launched:  潜艇发射
sub nuclei:  亚核
sub poena:  罚金条款
locator sub:  定位接头
sub ring:  备用举重台
sub system:  子系统
sub group:  (周期表)子群, 副族子群
Example Sentences:
1.Electrical control system : electrical control cabinet , sub control station and pneumatic system
2.Then the sub control center application system is designed out by the uml design method
3.And the object model of the sub control center is established , with dynamic process in its key model
4.( 5 ) adopt the embedded system to construct sub control center , system structure tightly packed , the cost declines consumedly
( 5 )采样嵌入式系统构造的配电子站,系统结构紧凑,成本大大降低。
5.A new mega - sub controlled structural system is presents to solve the long span problem of the mega beam , which is achieved through setting additional columns
6.This paper takes work on the theoretic deduction , numerical analysis , optimal parameter and numerical emulation to study the mega - sub controlled frame . using the conclusion , a reformative structural form is introduced ; it is named the multiple mega - sub controlled frame in this paper
7.Mega - sub controlled frame is a kind of ideal super tall building structure configuration ; it appears with the development of the structural engineering and the control theory , synthesizing the special form of mega - sub frame which is made up of two classes frames and the basic thought of the control theory , engineers create the mega - sub controlled frame
8.According to the design request , the hardware system structure for reasonable sub control center is worked out , and the real - time operating system is chosen , for which suits the sub control center ' s function demand ; meanwhile synthetically analyzes the application characteristics of the sub control center according to the function and position in the electric automation system , together with the function demand and application target of the applied software
9.This thesis firstly introduces the function and position of the sub control center in the distribution automation system . at the basis of that , analyzes present research of the sub control center at home and abroad , brings forward new generation design request aiming at the defects of the applied sub control center at present
10.Based on the phenomenon , this paper introduces the multiple mega - sub controlled frame and its step design method , it can be generalized as the following approach : first , we look for the optimal stiffness of the sub structure to control the deformation of the mega structure under the wind load . second , we optimize the parameters of the turned mass damper ( tmd ) which are installed in the sub structure to have the acceleration be controlled , and then we realize the overall objective . at last this paper uses the ecpm method to optimize the parameters of tmd and utilize simulink to simulate the dynamical response
本文利用等效最优理论( ecpm )对tmd的参数进行了优化,利用simulink对复合结构进行了动态仿真,结果表明:附加安装在子结构上的tmd并不会对主结构的动态特性产生大的影响,复合结构和减振结构一样都可以较好的控制主结构位移响应,而且复合结构经优化后的tmd还较好的控制了子结构加速度响应,所以复合结构体系既可以提高结构的安全性,又可以满足舒适度的要求,从而证明了本文提出的巨型框架复合减振结构是一种理想的超高层建筑结构形式,其将具有广阔的发展前景。
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