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Chinese translation for "sub contractor"


Related Translations:
depotition contractor:  拆毁房屋承包商
orientation sub:  定向接头
sub control:  辅助控制器副控制
sub slicing:  分层回采分层陷落开采
sub screen:  副萤幕
sub launched:  潜艇发射
sub nuclei:  亚核
sub poena:  罚金条款
locator sub:  定位接头
sub ring:  备用举重台
Example Sentences:
1.Of course the construction companies and the sub contractors have to go through a learning phase
2.The engineering office manager is also in charge to seek sub contractors in china to export parts to european automatic sites , according to orientations ' emitted by the automation industrial directors
3.The successful candidate will be required to work independently with responsibility for implementation of instrumentation and electrical installation for a new pectin factory in corporation with the mechanical engineering group and outside sub contractors
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